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Whales singing

Whales singing

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Whale sounds are used by whales for different kinds of communication. The mechanisms used . Over the last 50 years blue whales have changed the way they are singing. Calls are progressively getting lower in frequency. For example the. Singing is a feature that has been observed among several of the popular baleen whale species such as the humpback whale and blue whale. These marine. Humpback whales may sing not to court mates but to help explore the seas around them. When a male humpback moves someplace new.

The vocal cords of these singing sea creatures are much more complex than our own, so how do some make whale song?. Whales sing. There is a traditional explanation which attributes whale singing to male whales as a way to seduce female whales while looking to reproduce. Listen to eerie audio of humpbacks, bowheads and other whales singing in their natural habitats.