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Zydeco dance music

Zydeco dance music

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Zydeco as a dance style has its roots in a form of folk dance that corresponds to the heavily syncopated zydeco music, originated in the beginning of the 20th. Zydeco is a music genre that evolved in southwest Louisiana by French Creole speakers which "wash-board," or frottoir, zydeco music was originally created at house dances, where families and friends gathered for socializing. As a result . The oldest Cajun-information resource on the net, offers information about Cajun music, dancing, food, visiting Acadiana, and more.

The zydeco dance is based on 8 counts. The reason the dance fits zydeco music so well (and also is a little difficult to learn) is that one must learn to take steps. Zydeco music was born on the bayou, in backyards of Creole citizens' homes still make even the most reluctant listeners get up and dance with total abandon. Discover zydeco music in Louisiana, zydeco's famous musicians and where you can hear Discover zydeco, a rockin' dance music that is unique to Louisiana.